// Repair to Flood Bank Slippage

As specialists within all aspects of the water maintenance and management industry, we are pleased to announce, the acquisition of Kingcombe Aquacare has allowed us to offer a number of new, inhouse services to our clients across the UK.

Kingcombe Aquacare was called in by the Environment Agency to solve a challenging problem. The mud flood bank of the River Avon at Pill had slipped, threatening the integrity of the residential flats that were situated alongside this stretch of the tidal reach. The void had to be infilled with stone on a geotextile base, to re-establish the integrity of the bank, however access to the site was proved to be quite a challenge.

It was considered not possible to address the problem from the river, due to the major fluctuations in tidal levels and maintaining a barge in situ in the significant flows. However, it was equally difficult to access the problem area from the bank. There was insufficient space between the residential property and the flood bank for an excavator with sufficient reach to get close enough to the void area.

This challenge was exacerbated by the fact that a high pressure gas mains ran under the length of track running between the properties and the river, limiting the weight of any machine that could be used.

Kingcombe designed a novel and bespoke solution to address these challenges in a safe and cost effective manner.

A special frame was fabricated to fit onto one of our 3 tonne tracked dumpers. This was fitted with a 20m conveyor system hanging over one side, counterbalanced by the generator pack mounted on the dumper. A hopper system was designed to receive the stone from a 2 tonne dumper, which was able to run back and forth along the track without compromising the gas main underneath the path.

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