We understand that, on occasions, due to increased demand, significant asset deterioration or the need for enhanced resilience, it is necessary to build new. We build smartly to reduce environmental impact, maximising the use of off-site construction techniques and waste recycling in both our grey and green engineering solutions.

We understand that sometimes, because of major population growth, significant asset deterioration or new standards, it is necessary to build new.

Our team are capable of directly delivering schemes up to £5m and have constructed some exciting projects, maximising the use of off-site construction techniques and waste recycling.

With a low carbon focus, our ‘new build’ portfolio increasingly offers both ‘green’ and ‘grey’ environmental engineering solutions to address the Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP) through constructed wetlands/reed-bed solutions or attenuating flows to prevent flooding.

New Build Inlet Structure

As part of significant capital maintenance to a wastewater treatment works (WWTW) in Southern Scotland, Stonbury were contracted to construct a new sewage inlet structure during SR15, complete with inlet & outlet DI pipework and an RC magflow chamber.

Larinier Type Fish Pass Installation

Sample Tap Chamber Construction

Stonbury’s new civil engineering division have recently been awarded a minor civils package by one of their existing reservoir refurbishment framework clients.

Break Tank Construction

Stonbury were commissioned to construct a new concrete break tank at a Water Treatment Works. The purpose of the new tank is to allow the water company to decommission an existing contact tank.

Storage Lagoon Construction

Stonbury recently completed the construction of a new storage lagoon in East Yorkshire.

Media Bays

Works were recently completed at two separate Water Treatment Works to increase the aggregate storage capacities. In total, six new standalone bays were constructed and a further two existing bays extended for increased capacity, used to store dirty sand, clean shingle, dirty shingle and carbon.

Staircase Schemes

To address the issue of safe access across several sites for a framework client, we recently completed a scheme to install new access staircases and handrails to tanks, where any existing staircases were not meeting client standards, or none were present.

Steel Bridge Fabrication & Installation

Stonbury was commissioned by the Environment Agency to design, fabricate and install a new steel footbridge over the river at Iwood Gauging Station.

New Build Reservoir

As the Reservoir Refurbishment Framework Contractor for South Staffordshire Water, Stonbury had the opportunity to tender for the design and build of a 10Mg potable water storage point at SSW’s Outwoods site, on the outskirts of Burton on Trent.

Eel Pass Fabrication and Installation

Stonbury were asked to investigate the use of hydraulic ram pumps as an alternative to electrically powered pumps for the Environment Agency, who required the installation of an eel pass on a crump weir in Bristol.

Access Platform

Stonbury was asked to fabricate and install a bespoke access gantry, fencing, ladder and gate at an outfall in Bristol due to unsafe access for maintenance teams.

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